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Welcome to a Danish AM Radio Station

The AM romantic on SW is still alive.

What is our mission? Simple, Broadcast the good old fashioned AM sound out to friends and acquaintances in our local area and out over the world on SW.

We transmit on the SW 48 Meter band on 6310 -- 6330 kHz (depends on where there is less activity or QRM) 'Week Ends 14 - 16 CET' and sometimes in the night '22 - 24 CET'.

We send primarily jazz music.

We transmit with 150 Watt 'AM' (600 Watt PEP), but our PA-stage can work up to 1 kW PEP, so no distortion problem there ;-).

REMEMBER: We are 'only' an Amateur Radio station, so there can be days where we do not broadcast, but try anyway, maybe we are there that day.

Feel free to write to us with a report and comments (mp3 or wav file rapports are more than welcome). We acknowledge with an 'E-QSL' card.

Best 73 Radio OZNRH  Ole :-).