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Frequency and Time Calculator:

Ohm's law:

Frequency Wavelength Calculator:

Mixed Electronic:

Mixed Radio Info:

About Radio Luxembourg:

Convert kilohertz to wavelengths in meters:

LW, MW, Mixed info:

SDR Radio Holland:

Radio Forum:

Radio Forum:

Radio Forum:

Radio Forum Holland:

Mixed SDR Radios:

Tables V, W and dB.:

More Tables V, W and dB.:

Swedish Short Wave club:

Pirate QSL cards:

Radio Luxembourg (Movie):

Antenna cable spec. tables:

Calculate Frequency & period:

Online Audio Converter:

Iann's Pirate Radio Homepage:

Hugo Matten's Radio Homepage:

DX-Antwerp Belgium Radio Homepage:

Shortwave Pirates (mix):

OZNRH on You Tube (From a week end with poor conditions, recorded in Finland):

Homepage Shortwave Pirate:

Jan-Mikael SWL Finland:

Calculate LC Filters:

Rick's Pirate Radio Blog Finland:

Shortwave Info:

Shortwave forum:

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